Today, I was out for a walk at the nearby park in the morning. I went at 7 and for 45 minutes it was the regular group of walkers, runners and badminton players. At 7.45 there was suddenly a small stall setup and four guys wearing bright yellow T.shirts and holding up a placard, took positions at the four corners of the park. It was a campaign for a new brand of sunflower oil, one that promised to lower bad cholesterol.

And they had a weighing machine, plus a height measurement scale.. So basically, fool the customer that his or her out of whack BMI will kill him/her, unless they ate things made with this particular oil and puff, bad cholesterol gone, and you are healthy. Wish life was that simple and being healthy so easy. :):). Anything fried is bad for health ..however healthy the cooking oil is. Why…

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